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Make a career out of saving the planet

Because your #Earthgoals can also be your #careergoals. Help businesses make environmentally-responsible decisions. Protect the world’s forests and oceans. Design greener, healthier cities. How do you want to leave your (carbon-free) mark on the world?

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Bailey was part of a group of seven Waterloo students who traveled to Marrakesh, Morocco for COP22, the United Nations’ global conference on climate change. She joined representatives from more than 196 countries working together to fight against global warming. “COP22 confirmed my decision to be part of the bigger picture. I want to pursue environmental governance and policy as a career.”

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Environment and Business prepares you for the workplace with 20 months of paid work experience and a final capstone project. Working in small groups, you’ll be matched with an industry partner and help them integrate sustainability into their organization. Tristan’s capstone involved an environmental audit for a large retailer. “Our client trusted that we were the experts and let us run with what we saw as the best way forward.”

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In his second year, Geomatics student Aujas worked for Statistics Canada as a remote sensing and geospatial analyst. (He worked with data grabbed from space satellites!) His next work term was with York Region working with water and waste management. Geospatial technologies have applications across many industries like business, education and urban planning, so there are many opportunities for students.


Bachelor of Environmental Studies programs

We have an entire faculty dedicated to environmental studies, which means you'll be surrounded by a community who shares your passion for the environment. It also means you have plenty of options:

  • Environment and Business
  • Environment, Resources and Sustainability
  • Geography and Aviation
  • Geography and Environmental Management
  • Geomatics
  • International Development
  • Planning

Kickstart a meaningful career

Earn an average of $50,000during your 4 to 5 internships
Graduate with 20 months of paid work experience
#1in the world for employer partnerships
If you want a successful career, there's no better place to be than the University of Waterloo. We're ranked #1 in the world for employer connections – and we're North America's largest co-op university. 

What's co-op? It's like an internship – except you're paid and you study for 4 months, work for 4 months, study for 4 months, work for 4 months... you get the idea.

Environment students gain valuable experience in environmental consulting, managing sustainability programs in the public and private sectors, scientific research, urban planning and other exciting fields.

We're closer than you think

The University of Waterloo is located in Ontario, Canada.

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Toronto's Pearson airport is less than a 90-minute flight from Boston, Chicago, and New York City. We're 60 miles from Toronto, Canada's largest city. And we're only 184 miles from Detroit and 110 miles from Buffalo.

We don't live in igloos. Our climate is similar to the northern states with warm summers, beautiful fall days, and cold winters.

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