October 2018

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A firsthand account of a non-programmer's experience at the GI Jam

We sent AC Atienza to the GI Jam, Fall 2018. This is their firsthand account.

"GI Game Jam as someone who knows absolutely nothing about programming and also went alone" - AC Atienza

I went to my first game jam this past weekend! Overall it was a really good, fun experience. I went to the Jam alone and before I started I knew absolutely nothing about programming.

Rina Wehbe at the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) 2018

Rina with the WiCS group

Rina Wehbe, Games Institute resident and Computer Science PhD student, attended and mentored at the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in Houston, Texas.

Tina Chan for TEDxUW: Bandaids for Mental Health

Tina Chan, GI resident and Masters of Science candidate in the School of Public Health and Health Systems, was a speaker at this year's TEDxUW conference. She took the stage to share the story of how she came to develop the Panic Anxiety Stress Support (PASS) kit.

Docu-video from VR Workshop with Gada Jane and SpiderWebShow Performance

September 14 and 15, 2018, four playwrights came to the GI for an intensive workshop on VR filmmaking. The workshop was hosted by Gada Jane, Research Associate at the GI, and Michael Wheeler, Co-Creator and Artistic Director of SpiderWebShow Performance.

The playwrights were Erin Brandenburg, playwright and director, Rosamund Small, playwright and writer, Nicolas Billon, playwright and screenwriter, and Ahmad Meree, playwright and performer.

VR Working Group predicting motion sickness in VR

Last week, neurophysiologists and VR researchers at the University of Waterloo started making headlines because of their findings on how to predict which VR users might be more susceptible to cybersickness.

Séamas Weech, Jessy Varghese, and Michael Barnett-Cowan, members of the VR working group at the Games Institute, co-authored a paper entitled "Estimating the sensorimotor components of cybersickness" published in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

GI Members organizing "Gaming with the Subaltern": Workshop at CHI Play 2018

Gaming with the Subaltern: A Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion in Games

Cayley MacArthur, Systems Design PhD student, and Mark Hancock, Associate Director of the Games Institute, are co-organizing a workshop in collaboration with six other international scholars. The workshop, entitled "Gaming with the subaltern: A workshop on diversity and inclusion in games," is scheduled for CHI Play 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.

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