January 2021

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International Conference on Games and Narrative

The GI’s Games and Narrative Reading group (whose goal is to investigate traditional texts on narrative theory alongside emerging theories in multimedia and games to theorize on what narrative in video games truly means) created the basis for the ICGaN. Guided by Drs. Ken Hirschkop and Neil Randall, the conference series goal is to challenge the complexities around narrative theories and functionality in games.

CRIT Council's Pallavi Sodhi presents "Inclusive Board Game Design"

Pallavi Sodhi, Research Intern for the Council for Responsible Innovation and Technology (CRIT) and Dr. Jason Lajoie, Research Associate for CRIT, gave a guest lecture about inclusive board game design for students at Branksome Hall in Toronto.

"My avatar – my self?": Mitchell Loewen's thesis published in Frontiers in Psychology

Do our self-perceptions influence our preferences when designing avatars in the games we play? GI members Mitchell Loewen and Dr. Lennart E. Nacke, with Dr. Christopher Burris of St. Jerome’s University, co-authored a paper about the psychology of preferences toward game avatar styles.

Dr. Oliver Schneider and the CanHaptics Network

For the past few years, Dr. Oliver Schneider has been working hard to build a network of Hapticians across Canada—CanHaptics. Or, as it’s described on the CanHaptics website, “we make technology more human by making it physical – pushing out from the screen to be graspable, holdable, and engage with all of your senses – and do so by putting people, not technology, first”. The Covid-19 pandemic put haptic technology research between a rock and a hard place; how does one study human interaction with technology, remotely?

IMMERSe Network


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