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Engage Lab (UW Stratford)

The Engage Lab is a satellite lab of The Games Institute, located at the University of Waterloo Stratford campus. The Engage Lab is a focal point for Game Institute projects in gamification, most readily defined as the application of game structures, mechanics, and reward systems to traditionally non-game settings. 

We based the creation of the Engage Lab on numerous conversations with people in marketing, education, health, and entertainment. All of these conversations revolved around the problem of attaining stronger engagement among audiences. Since games have long excelled at compelling user engagement, offering game elements to audiences provides, if done well, a potential solution to the difficulty of attracting and retaining users.

The Engage Lab recently hosted the 2013 Gamification Conference.

Gamification and the Stratford Festival

The Engage Lab's first project has seen The Games Institute working directly with the Stratford Festival to produce digital media properties designed to spur interest in the festival among high school aged students.

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Click to enlarge the infographic about the gamification of education below:

Infographic about gamification in education

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