While currently working as freelance web, digital, and marketing designer, Gina continues to look for new opportunities to put her passion for presentation and design to good use.  

Introduced to the Game Institute through attending THATcamp 2013, she became a principal designer in the camp's follow up gamification project for the "Surface Tension" water exhibit at THEMUSUEM (co-sponsored by the GI). Previously, Gina worked a tech manager and corporate trainer for over ten years before deciding to branch out on her own, and focus on new projects that would put her creative desires to more fulfilling projects.

As an avid gamer, Gina enjoys following game politics, with a focus on ethics, gender, and social issues.  She has a long standing passion for development, playability, design, and marketing of games.

I firmly believe that video games have the potential to be the best next evolution in story telling.  I look forward to more and more immersive interactive experiences through the medium.  And, I’m a huge proponent of edification through gameification.

Gina has a passion for visual creative development projects, with a dedicated focus on quality: "the little details", and "design with purpose".  She is currently involved with several personal, and team projects - and she enjoys reaching out and working with groups where her passion for games and design can be helpful.  Gina is also currently working on a long term project to develop a new style story-arc based video game engine, and using fuzzy-logic and psychology based markers to developer better, more engaging NPCs (to enhance the player game and role-play experience).

University of Waterloo