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Michael HancockDr. Michael Hancock is a sessional instructor in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Waterloo. His dissertation was on the history of textual representation in videogames, a study which ranges from videogame instruction manuals to the 1989 Amiga game It Came From the Desert. 

"My research is on the intersection between video games and other popular culture structures, including media such as books and films, and genres such as the superhero and the gothic. For example, I recently presented a paper on how videogames utilize the cuteness of animated superheroes to draw on players' sense of nostalgia. It looks at the intersection of cartoons (medium) and superheroes (genre) in a game context."

- Michael Hancock 

Michael has presented at many conferences including, Canadian Game Studies Association 2017, Canadian Communications Association 2017 and Society for Cinema and media Studies 2018. He also had a post-doctoral internship with Stitch media and was a founding member and former Book Reviews Editor for First Person Scholar at the University of Waterloo.

Sample Publication

"Doppelgamers: Video Games and Gothic Choice" in American Gothic: An Edinburgh Companion

Check out his WordPress for more of his work.

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