Associate Professor, English Language and Literature

Executive Director of The Games Institute

Dr. Neil RandallIn addition to directing The Games Institute, Neil Randall has also earned large grants for The Interactive and Multi-Modal Research Syndicate (IMMERSe) and the Waterloo Game Analysis and Monitoring Environment (WatGAME). He is the Faculty Advisor to the Games Institute's First Person ScholarHe helped establish the undergraduate Rhetoric and Professional Writing program, and graduate programs in Rhetoric & Communication Design, and Experimental Digital Media. In practice, he consults for various technology companies on digital media creation, methods of effective communication, proposal writing, copyright and patent issues, and public relations.

Neil's English Department profile

Currently supervisor of: Emma Vossen, Becky AndersonChris Lawrence, George Ross, Judy Ehrentraut, Nicholas Hobin, Betsy Brey, Alexandra Orlando, Ryan Clement, Cassandra Arthur, Quinn Powell

University of Waterloo
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