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Dr. Lennart Nacke to give a Brown Bag talk at the Communitech Hub

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dr. Lennart Nacke

Dr. Lennart Nacke, the director of the (HCI) Games Group at the Games Institute, is giving a Brown Bag talk at the Communitech hub in Kitchener, Wednesday, September 19. Dr. Nacke will be talking about the concept of game thinking and how this method can be incorporated to improve user-experience: "game thinking is a problem-solving process that uses strategies from game design and gamification to help drive the design of user experiences in digital and non-digital applications".

Those in attendance will learn how incorporating game thinking into the UX process can:

1) foster users’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to engage with the application

2) engage users in a learning and mastery process, in which they develop the abilities needed to accomplish their goals throughout their user journey

In case you need more convincing...

Dr. Nacke is using concepts from game studies to help start-ups and tech designers improve user-experiences. His work is an impactful example of a real-world application of game studies theory, bridging games discourses to the business world.

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