Games at the IQC Open House

Friday, October 2, 2015

Are you attending the IQC Open House on October 3rd? The Games Institute, in collaboration with the Institute of Quantum Computing, has created new interactive experiences to allow visitors to discover, explore, and play! You can download the games right onto your mobile device to make the most of your time at QNC.Do you want to play a familiar game with a quantum twist? The Games Institute has developed Quantum Cats! Using the weird and spooky laws of quantum mechanics, help the Quantum Cats save the trapped kittens.Quantum Cats game banner

Download this game onto your smartphone, or come play on a big screen in the Lazaridis Centre atrium on October 3rd.

Blackberry Users: download the app here!

Android Users: download the app in the Google Play Store.

interactive tour screenshot

See yourself where the science happens! With Alice and Schrodinger the Cat as your guides, you will experience the Lazaridis Centre like never before. Using a mobile app you will be taken on an interactive self-guided tour perfect for first time visitors or for those seeking more information about what happens at QNC and what the future of quantum may hold.

Avoid the rush and download the app on your mobile device before the event! 

Blackberry Users: please enable the NFC service on your mobile phone in order to use the app properly. 

Settings > Networks and Connections
Turn on NFC at the "Connectivity Services"  section
Then, you can download the app here.

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