English Language and Literature

Nicholas HobinNicholas, BA (King’s University College), MA (University of Waterloo), is a PhD candidate in the English Language Literature program at the University of Waterloo. He is interested in posthumanism in game studies, and the ways in which digital environments work to confront what it means to be human. Nicholas’ dissertation focuses on the representations, uses and depictions of lifelike animals in video games and their cultural implications; his research presently focuses on the configuration of animal bodies in digital spaces. He is the associate editor of book reviews and interviews for First Person Scholar, the Game Institute’s student-run middle-state publication.

Nicholas has presented his research at conferences including “Living Timelines: The Transformation of the Mechanomorphic Animal” at Arizona State University. and “Meeting the Animal ‘I’” at the Canadian Game Studies Association, University of Regina. He has also been awarded the "TA Award for Teaching" for 2016.

University of Waterloo