The Games Institute supports researchers, with a holistic view of how research works and how researchers make it happen. The Games Institute views the entire research process as a continuum with publishing as not the end goal, but as one of many steps along the path to great research. All stages of the research process are conducted by human beings doing their work in the context of their jobs, lives, collaborators, and the societies and cultures that their research impacts. Traditional outputs of university research such as conference talks, journal articles, and scholarly books, are valued as equal to the hard work of grant writing, knowledge mobilization, research implementation, collaboration, and team management. The Games Institute values innovation and outside-the-box thinking in both research and its dissemination.

Our members and researchers guide the Games Institute, and it’s the Institute’s goal to provide the best possible environment – physically, socially, and culturally, to support and share their work.

Partnerships with industry, government, non-profit organizations, and other academic institutions are a vital part of how the Games Institute functions. Our students are able to define and launch their careers thanks to experiences with partners in industry, academia, or our community. In return, we generate research that accelerates and expands what our partners can do.

Collaborations with our partners lead to transformational experiences for our student membership including: 

  • Enabling GI members and partners to produce games, books, white papers, online articles podcasts etc. that make a real and immediate impact 
  • Preparing young scholars to go out into the world with hands-on work experience and projects for their portfolios
  • Connecting members to additional resources and connections that accelerate their research
  • Obtaining funding that is vital in the support of our research programs.

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