Pascaline Lorentz


Pascaline Lorentz​Pascaline Lorentz has her PhD in Sociology and is a Postdoctoral Researcher working on online gaming at the Institute for Research on Children, Youth and Family at Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic.
Granted with an ENDEAVOUR Research Fellowship in 2011 she undertook a study documenting the social environment of an intense practice of virtual world attachments in Australia. Her doctoral research completed in 2012 at the University of Strasbourg in France investigated the teenage audience of The Sims®

In 2013, she worked on Digital Australia 14 and Digital New Zealand 14 with Professor Jeffrey Brand at Bond University, Australia.

In 2015, she is the guest editor of the special issue of Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace on "The Benefits and Experiences of Game Playing", as well as the leading editor of Lorentz, P. & Metykova, M., Smahel, D., Wright, M. (Eds.) (2015), Living in the Digital Age: Self-Presentation, Networking, Playing,and Participation in Politics. Brno: Masaryk University Press.

Her research areas touch on what makes life a joyful and enjoyable experience. 

University of Waterloo