Alessandra Luz de Medeiros Ferreira

Computer Science

Dark Cosmic Lux Skin Splash Leauge of Legneds art Alessandra is a P.h.D. student in the Cheriton School of Computer Science under the supervision of Dr Lennart Nacke and Dr Daniel Vogel. She holds a MSc in HCI-E from University College of London, where her supervisors were Dr. Nicolai Marquardt and Dr. Steven Houben. Alessandra has worked in industry for tech companies such as Google, Userzoom, DAZN, Shopify and Samsung R&D.

Alessandra's main research interests are related to gamification and health. She's especially interested in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases in children, and aims to create systems that will aid doctors and parents whilst also advocating for children who cannot do so for themselves. She is also interested in accessibility and believes that technology and gaming can create an environment of inclusivity and positive experiences for all.

University of Waterloo

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