Undergraduate student profiles

Fiona Yang


Fiona is a BA student in Psychology who is passionate about the intersection of haptics, accessibility, and social justice. She is currently assisting in the research of AR/VR and accessible storytelling.

Eliana Hill-Zeesman

Legal Studies

Eliana is a BA student in Legal Studies, currently helping Dr. Shana MacDonald and Dr. Brianna Wiens in researching vaccine hesitancy.

Thuvaraka Mahenthiran


Thuvaraka is BSc student is Psychology, currently assisting Dr. Shana MacDonald on the Feminist Digital Media project.

Headshot of Amerald Xian Liang Fang

Amerald Xian Liang Fang


Amerald is a BSc student in Geomatics currently researching the use of game engines for scientific visualization, analysis, and knowledge mobilization.

Lulu Liu

Systems Design Engineering

Lulu Liu is a digital multimedia artist, photographer and filmmaker whose work disseminates technology’s coalescence with art, and how one stays grounded through this metamorphosis. Some of her previous works have been featured by the Toronto International Film Festival and the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

Leslie Xin

Systems Design Engineering
Leslie Xin is a fourth-year undergraduate Systems Design Engineering Student and researcher. She is currently working with Dr. Lai-Tze Fan and Lulu Liu to explore how AR/VR and interactive digital storytelling can be leveraged to represent transformative quantum technologies. Her other areas of interest include creative coding, climate tech, and web3. 

Kate Bradley


Kate is an undergraduate History student with a minor in Gender and Social Justice working with Dr. Shana MacDonald. Kate is enthusiastic about the intersection of feminism and history, especially when that manifests in film and media. Kate enjoys puzzle games, slice of life games, story-based games, and “anything with a lot of heart.” Kate says people can come to her if they are having a tough day and want someone to sympathize and provide a listening ear. 

Karthik Parsad

Management Engineering

Karthik is a fourth-year undergraduate student in Management Engineering. He has studied software and game development and is interested in working with Haptics, Artificial Intelligence and VR. He is interested in video games, specifically multiplayer games, and action RGPs. Karthik says to come to him if you want anyone to talk to or need someone to listen about any problems they are having, regardless of what it is. 

Tianzheng Shi


Tianzheng is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology at Peking University. He is joining UW for the MITACS globalink internship program and is currently working with Oliver Schneider. Tianzheng is interested in the connection between experience, perception, and the physical attributes of different stimuli. Since Tianzheng is currently residing in China, he says you can come to him if you would like to know more about China and his perspective on human rights advocacy within the nation.

Wenqi Zhu

Human-computer Interaction

Wenqi is an undergraduate student from the University of Manchester, majoring in Human-computer interaction. She will be joining the haptic lab and building the Haptiverse! Wenqi is interested in Brain-computer interfaces and Human-Computer interaction. If you are interested in photography or haptic and user experience, talk to Wenqi!   


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