Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management

Headshot of Derek RobinsonDerek Robinson models human-environment interactions by coupling agent-based models of human decision-making with models of natural systems (e.g., erosion, vegetation growth). However, many natural systems models are not designed (or validated) at the scale of human decision-making (e.g., property parcels or farm fields). Therefore, recent research by Derek has involved using remotely piloted aircraft (i.e., drones) to collect very high-resolution data to quantify and visualize natural processes in ways that have not been done before. This is where the games institute comes in! Derek and his research team have been creating workflows for visualizing drone data game engines and creating immersive environments for modelling and stakeholder engagement using game engines. While it’s a relatively new area for Derek, he has been building an undergraduate and graduate team in this area and always looking for new team members.

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Extension: 41789

Office: EV1 314


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