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Eric in sunglasses Eric Ocelewski is a former Biophysics student turned maverick entrepreneur working in BioTech, integrating video game technologies into a STEAM pipeline of human discovery and innovation. He has worked with MBCLab to integrate gaming technology for narrative and neuroscience R&D. Eric has also given talks for RCIScience discussing his cancer journey and the next generation genomics sensor technology his company is working on. Eric cofounded Π∩ϟ, whose journey began with an invitation by Wellcome Trust and Epic Games in 2015 to participate in the Big Data VR Challenge.

Recently, Π∩ϟ has been accepted into the Velocity Incubator COVID19 Program to fully focus on their R&D of rapid ID technology for pathogens, specifically SARS-CoV-2. The technology they are developing for physicians will democratize access to quality health care diagnostics, by leveraging automation technology, thereby resulting in improved outcomes for patients and their families. Eric’s team has partnered with the Centre for Intelligent Antennas and Radio Systems at UW as well as a Biology lab at WLU. The team has completed their first round of experiments, with promising initial results from the data. Prepare for Star Trek medicine, Engage!

University of Waterloo

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