Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences

Oliver Schneider smiling headshotDr. Oliver Schneider is an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the Department of Management Sciences. His research interests include human-computer interaction, haptics, and creativity-support systems.

Oliver is the recipient of the Post-doctoral Fellowship, Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship and Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's. He typically attends/publishes at CHI, UIST, and haptics conferences such as Haptics Symposium, World Haptics and EuroHaptics.

"I research Human-Computer Interaction, specifically, what I call Haptic Computing. Haptic technology engages the sense of touch by providing physical feedback to users. I argue that the limiting factor for haptic technology is the lack of computing tools – systems that enable the large-scale creation, deployment, and study of haptic feedback. Without these tools, haptic technology will be limited to small, in-lab studies and slow deployment into commercial applications. My long-term goal is a suite of haptic computing tools to assist the creation, deployment, and study of haptic technology."

- Oliver Schneider 

Sample Publication

Haptic Experience Design: What Hapticians Do and Where They Need Help; Voodle: Vocal Doodling to Sketch Affective Robot Motion; DualPanto

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