Pamela Maria Schmidt

Research Projects Facilitator

Ciri from The Witcher 3 Pamela Maria Schmidt completed her BA in English, Honours Rhetoric and Literature, with a Russian and Eastern European Minor, a Digital Media and Intensive English Specialization at the University of Waterloo with Dean's List acknowledgement. She also holds an MA in English, Experimental Digital Media from UW where she explored the function of hope in apocalyptic video games, which intersected climate related catastrophes and technological paranoia. Pamela's plethora of interests include: haunting literary theory, pop culture studies, critical media discourse, historical gastronomy, climate change, and storytelling.

Academic Accomplishments Include:

- The Ambassador of Russia award recipient in 2016 from UW.

- Presented "Looking through the Glass: Monsterizing Technology and the Social Media Cyborg" Progressiv

To view more of her work, check out her Artifice.

University of Waterloo

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