Pamela Maria Schmidt

Experimental Digital Media

Pamela Maria Schmidt completed her BA in Honours Rhetoric and Literature, a Russian and Eastern European Minor, and a Digital Media Specialization at the University of Waterloo with Dean's List acknowledgement. She is currently an English MA student in the Experimental Digital Media stream. Pamela's plethora of interests include: haunting literary theory, pop culture studies, critical media discourse, and storytelling.

"My current research involves looking at the Newgate Calander as pioneering crime fiction drama through sensationalism. So I'm going to look at the Old Bailey, the original sentence by the judge and the Ordinary, and then how it was re-written for the Calander. Therefore I'm looking at formatting, narrative style [potentially linking it to crime written in the period and modern day crime]. Some themes I'm exploring are sex crimes, gender issues, and female murders. I'm also looking at how and why cultural gatekeeping occurs online. Currently, I'm observing Tumblr as an artifact and isolating situations to use as case studies."

- Pamela Maria Schmidt

To view more of her work, check out her Artifice.

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