Sabrina Alicia Sgandurra

Experimental Digital Media

Sabrina Sgandurra is a Masters student in the Experimental Digital Media program. She is interested in the point of intersection between narrative and game play, specifically how narrative functions in first person RPG video games.

"My MRP will focus on analyzing the narrative structure used in first person RPG video games, comparing it to Medieval stories and Classical (ancient) Greek plays. I will mainly look at plot structure, but also potentially overall composition style and the aspect of performance. The question I want to find an answer to is as follows: If this genre of video games does in fact use the same plot structure as these older stories, why does there then seem to be a resurgence in popularity or preference for this particular type of narrative today, and what does that say about our society/culture as a whole (i.e. are we moving away from the Novel format, and if so, why?)."

- Sabrina Sgandurra

University of Waterloo

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