Associate Professor, Communication Arts

Shana MacDonaldShana MacDonald is an Associate Professor in Communication Arts at the University of Waterloo. Her interdisciplinary research examines feminist, queer, and anti-racist media activisms within social and digital media, memes,  popular culture, cinema, and contemporary art. Dr. MacDonald co-runs the online archive Feminists Do Media (Instagram: @aesthetic.resistance). She has published in Feminist Media Studies (2020), Camera Obscura (2022), MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture (forthcoming), and is lead co-editor of Networked Feminisms: Activist Assemblies and Digital Practices (2022) and co-editor of Stories of Feminist Protest and Resistance: Digital Performative Assemblies (2023).

Recent Work

“Turning (it) Up: #MeToo and the Poiesis of Hashtag Feminism,” co-author Brianna I. Wiens, Feminist Media Studies. Online. (2020)

“What do you (really) meme?: Pandemic memes as social political repositories” Leisure Sciences Special Issue: Leisure in the time of coronavirus. Online. (2020): 

“Flipping the Script on Consent: Re-centering Young Women’s Sexual Agency in Teen Comedies” in Screening #Times Up: Exploring Rape Culture in Hollywood Film, edited by Lisa Funnell and Ralph Beliveau (in press).

““Vital acts of transfer: Affective economies and embodied knowledge in #MeToo,” in Performing #MeToo: How Not to Look Away, edited by Judith Rudakoff (Intellect Books, 2021)

University of Waterloo

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