Rhetoric and Communication Design

Sid Heeg Sid Heeg is a Master's student in Rhetoric and Communication Design. They've always been interested in story driven games and how narrative works within them--not just how narrative is built in the game but how players build their own narrative with the affordances of the game. MMOs, mods, and let's play channels on YouTube often construct their own narratives within the world of the video game, so even if a story wasn't intended, players build one in regardless. Beyond this, Sid tries to keep up to date on the video game industry and the major developments within it.

"I'm interested in studying games through a narratology lens and understanding how narrative is constructed in games, especially in multiplayer games like Overwatch or Fortnite that don't need to have a narrative, but the game devs included it into the game regardless. There's always debate about the function of narrative in games, story driven games vs multiplayers, and if we come to find that narrative is innate to video game development, maybe this will put the argument to rest."

- Sid Heeg

University of Waterloo

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