Applied Health Sciences

Tina Chan Smiling, Torso Shot Long Ting (Tina) Chan was a Master of Science candidate in Applied Health Sciences, with an interest in using technological innovations to improve mental health and wellbeing. She currently explores how gamification with narratives and avatars can influence engagement in online peer to peer support platforms for mental health usingunguided, crowdsourced cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Tina has participated in public speaking conferences including TEDxUW 2018, discussing how she developed the Panic Anxiety Stress Support (PASS) kit to help students deal with stresses related to mental illness. She also participated in the University-wide 3MT (3-Minute Thesis) in which she was awarded runner-up.  

Sample Publications 

Tina Chan, Josephine McMurray, Alaaddin Sidamed, James Wallace. SmartSurveys: Does context influence whether we’ll share healthcare experience data with our smartphone? ACM Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces 2018 Extended Abstracts (ISS EA 2018).

Long Ting Chan, James R. Wallace. Changing Peer Support Attitudes with Avatar-based Gamification. 3rd Symposium on Computing and Mental Health: Understanding, Engaging, and Delighting Users.

If you would like to connect with Tina, check out her LinkedIn.

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