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Soundcloud LinkMarisa Benjamin, Research Communications Coordinator, and Toben Racicot, English PhD candidate co-host the Official Games Institute (GI) podcast. Every episode we spotlight a researcher from the GI and interview them about how their research impacts the study and culture of games and interactive technologies.

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Why a Podcast?

The unfornate reality of academia is that a lot of the great research findings never reach public audiences. Or, when it does, several years have passed and it's already outdated.

This problem has to do with how research is communicated. Scholarly research is shared with scholarly audiences who exist within the same scholarly bubble. Do you subscribe to scholarly journals? Attend scholarly conferences? Likely not. 

A podcast allows us to pop the bubble and bring you research discussions as they're happening. We invite researchers to sit down and talk about what they're up to. No word counts, no jargon, no registration or subscription fee.

You get to hear about the GI researchers' successes - and failures - and learn about the person behind the scholarly curtain.


GI Podcast 001 - Press Start

Our introductory episode where we introduce ourselves, the Games Institute, and our vision for the podcast.

Sit down with the researchers and learn what's happening behind the scenes. What games are they playing? What games are they studying? and What are the implications of their findings?

Researchers rarely have opportunities to talk about their work without worrying about word counts, time limits, or wordy jargon. The GI Podcast is a place where researchers can express their successes - and failures - and discuss where they hope to go next.

GI Podcast 002 - Games for Change with Rina Wehbe

Rina Wehbe Smiling On this episode, we invited Rina Wehbe, Computer Science Ph.D. candidate, and GI member to discuss everything from her biography, her unification of Psychology and Computer Science, and her past and present research projects. 

Rina briefly discusses her early education and most interestingly her transition from a B.Sc. in Psychology to a M.Sc. in Computer Science. She disputes the assumption that the two areas of study are loosely tied, and expresses their connectedness to one another.

We talk about Wehbe's game "Above Water", a digital and physical game that was designed based on research about how to destigmatize mental health and mental illness. Wehbe speaks about wanting to continue pursuing studying Games for Change.

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