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    marco carolineThe Games Institute (GI) is a interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Waterloo. We support games-related research by sustaining a community with space and resources for research activities.

    What's under the umbrella of games-related research? Here are some examples: narratology (stories in games), interactive technologies, digital media, culture, human-computer interaction, and AR/VR. We embrace innovative and interdisciplinary perspectives that redefine traditional views of these fields in order to keep pace with the quickly evolving games industry.

    showcase 1Although membership is restricted to UW graduate students and faculty, this does not mean that undergraduates cannot become involved with the GI. The community provides opportunities to collaborate with like-minded researchers across disciplines, work with industry partners, and be a part of interdisciplinary research groups for faculty run projects.

    Undergraduate students can leverage our broad network, request to use research facilities, learn in a collaborative interdisciplinary research space, experience regular opportunities for research sharing, work with highly influential industry partners, and boost their portfolio by collaborating with interdisciplinary research labs.

    Caroline and Lea showcasing game

    Photos from the GI Game Jam

    Undergrad infosheet

    Download the Undergrad Infosheet: undergrad_gi_infosheet.pdf

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