The Games Institute is, first and foremost, an ecosystem to support and drive research. As much as our efforts revolve around giving researchers the best chance possible to succeed, we also depend on our researchers to enhance our ecosystem. 

Research drives the Games Institute’s ability to offer facilities and equipment, disseminate research, and expand our research networks. Everything we do boils down to the simple understanding that all of our activities, at any level, must be mutually beneficial for the Games Institute, our members and our partners. 

Research is a multiplayer game. Take a look at our teammates!

Facilities and Equipment

Presenting the Games InstituteIn its most basic form, research drives the institute’s ability to maintain a physical presence at the University of Waterloo. Simply put, if we didn’t have members generating research at the GI, we wouldn’t be able to keep the space and continue to grow term after term. 

Our equipment is funded in large part through partnerships and grants awarded to researchers. Equipment like the 3D printer, VR headsets, game consoles, and touch-screens are housed in the space and available for our members to use.

Events and Activities

Collaboration at the GIWe host public-facing research events to advance our knowledge mobilization agenda as well as to allow our members to benefit from learning and connecting with academics across disciplines. Collaboration projects emerge from people connecting at research-related events, which not only elevates the members involved, it enhances the GI’s ecosystem as a whole.

Brown Bag Talks first started by featuring GI members presenting their own research for the University of Waterloo community. We leveraged the momentum of these early successes to bring in external speakers, referred by our members. Now we have a diverse portfolio of research events with both internal and external speakers, including lectures, panels, workshops, tournaments, and round-tables. This is possible thanks to the ongoing enthusiasm of our members in volunteering their time, referring more speakers, and presenting their research.  

Our online research dissemination is largely driven by the Research Spotlights blog and the Games Institute podcast. We also communicate our many research activities through our news items, YouTube channel, Twitter profile, and Instagram account.

Research Networks

Research generated by our members allows the Games Institute to grow our portfolio and connect with broader networks. Our members propels us to an international stage for us to tap into a global network of academics and industry partners. When we provide a platform for our members to disseminate their work, we have two main goals: we aim to allow our members to connect with a larger audience, and to elevate the GI’s international reputation.

Our partners are vital to our growth. Through collaborative partnerships, we're able to support ongoing research activities and build a relationship with academia and the globe. The more we grow, the more our researchers benefit from being connected with us, the more research they can produce, which, in turn, allows us to grow more. 

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