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Sold out! Follow #gameit13 and watch keynotes via Livestream

Gamification 2013 is sold out! It's going to be a packed house of researchers and practitioners at our campus. If you don't have your ticket you can still join us virtually:

Top 12 Reasons to Attend Gamification 2013

  1. You are an active player in the field and want to meet like-minded peers, academics and industry professionals to discuss the future of gamification research.     
  2. You want to learn the truth about what works and what doesn’t in motivational design from international  and inter-disciplinary gamification experts, like renowned social game designer Amy Jo Kim and Seductive Interaction Design author

Waterloo's Stratford Campus delves into research behind game-inspired digital sector

WATERLOO, Ont. (Wednesday, May 8, 2013) - The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus began accepting submissions from presenters today for an international conference on gamification - the term for using game design in a range of tasks to make them more fun, engaging and motivating.

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