Gateway for Enterprises to Discover Innovation

Message from the Managing Director of GEDI

Bridget Moloney GEDI and partner suites

Welcome to GEDI!

Amidst accelerated technological and societal disruptions, amplified furthermore by COVID, enterprises, more than ever, are looking to universities as partners in innovation. Business and government leaders are telling us they need to look at universities as a multi-faceted partner: ground-breaking collaborative research, the best talent, ways to accelerate corporate innovation, and keeping employees’ skills at pace with emerging technology. Their biggest challenge is navigating the opportunities in a thoughtful and curated way. This was the underpinning in establishing GEDIGateway for Enterprises to Discover Innovation at the University of Waterloo.

GEDI, in essence, is Waterloo’s corporate engagement office. It serves to provide a single point of access for corporations and government looking to develop a strategic, multi-faceted partnership with UWaterloo - often one that spans interdisciplinary research, talent, innovation, and training. GEDI aims to simplify and direct engagements with industry partners in a highly curated fashion staffed with client managers with industry experience who understand business interests and couple those with the interests of the UW community. In some cases, corporations may only want to engage Waterloo for a limited engagement - in these cases, GEDI may simply provide introductions to the appropriate UWaterloo community to allow those collisions to happen.

Another very important service GEDI provides is the GEDI Exchange, which fosters high-value interactions among, principally, UWaterloo-affiliated startups and scaleups, and corporate partners. The GEDI Exchange makes introductions amongst members and delivers programming of interest, such as monthly webinars that spotlight members and their technologies. The GEDI Exchange provides a platform for new partnerships to form bringing tangible value to the ecosystem.

GEDI exists to serve both our external and internal partners in a way that advances partnerships, delivers value to all parties, and helps deliver measurable impact to the economy and society. Especially now, whether we all work remotely or in-person, we need connections with each other to uncover what’s new and what’s next.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Bridget Moloney, Managing Director, GEDI, University of Waterloo