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GEDI Exchange: Second Anniversary

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Over the past two years the GEDI Exchange has provided opportunities for its member companies to connect and collaborate with each other and with the University of Waterloo.

The GEDI Exchange launched in early 2020 and is principally intended to support the success of startups and scaleups affiliated with the University of Waterloo. Today, the GEDI Exchange (often abbreviated as GEDIx) continues to actively promote collaboration among its 45 member companies and networks, which includes enterprises of all sizes, and is a path to connecting with, and remaining connected to, the University of Waterloo and each other, regardless of the company’s physical location in the world.

The GEDI Exchange encompasses (primarily) startup and scaleup companies that span a variety of industry sectors. Many of the companies are founded and led by faculty members and alumni who made use of the incredible startup supports and programs at the University of Waterloo: Velocity, WatCO, and the Grebel Peace Incubator. Of note is the exceptional representation from UWaterloo Alumni who have achieved great success in their own right and outside of the extraordinary incubator programs and startup supports provided by UWaterloo. Other members include large enterprises that have entered into significant partnerships with the University of Waterloo.

GEDIx member affiliations

Benefits to GEDIx members include: insight into up-and-coming commercial technologies, introduction to WatCO and its IP portfolio, facilitated meetings with UWaterloo researchers and/or among GEDI Exchange members, and opportunities to raise member's profiles within the UWaterloo ecosystem.


Monthly, panel-style webinars feature GEDI Exchange member companies and, occasionally, UWaterloo faculty members, and research centres and institutes. The most recent webinar information can be found on our A 30-minute Exchange webpage, linked here.

Contact GEDI to learn more about the GEDI Exchange and how we help connect companies with the University of Waterloo and with enterprise organizations. Join the GEDI mailing list and follow GEDI on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on GEDI news and events.

What GEDIx startup and scaleup members are saying:

I think the GEDI Exchange is a clear path to finding resources and partnerships to accelerate your business growth.”
– Minelli Clements, CEO of LorCan Technologies and UWaterloo alumnus
We wanted to be part of the [GEDI] Exchange for opportunities to collaborate with a community of companies that also came from the University – to be exposed and learn about companies that might not know each other.”
- Daryoosh Saeedkia, CEO of TeTechS and UWaterloo alumnus
Through these types of exchange activities, you get connected to different ventures, different experts, and different areas. This always opens up the opportunity for us to become a better company, develop more products, and expand our offerings. In our world, you can’t do things alone anymore. You always need partnerships and collaboration. And sometimes it’s difficult to find the right partner. GEDI provides that opportunity for us.”
- Hamid Alemohammad, COO & Co-Founder of Brickeye (formerly AOMS)

What GEDI founding partners are saying:

“GEDI has been instrumental in helping us to connect all the different parts of the University of Waterloo. Beyond just having the one-to-one connection with the individual researchers, we really had the chance to find and discover opportunities across the entire University.”
– Neel Dayal, Senior Director, Innovation and Partnerships, Rogers Communications
“Working with GEDI has been fantastic because it has allowed us to connect with the appropriate Faculties, staff, and students that we need to move forward in this innovation together.”
– Sarah Tatsis, Senior Vice President, IVY Platform Development, BlackBerry