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1Mentor is an organization that partners with colleges and universities to prepare students for the future of work.

In a short pitch, how would you describe 1Mentor's offerings (products and services)? What makes it innovative? What industry sectors and/or customers are you focused on?

Technology is disrupting society, creating a fast-paced, ever-changing world. As a result, preparing students with the right skills and tools required by the labour market is harder than ever. 1Mentor has developed an AI-powered software platform that enables both higher education and students to understand how the labour market is evolving and how to prepare for the future of work.

Providing more detail, what is the value proposition of 1Mentor's offerings? Examples could include the underlying technology, new capabilities, cost reduction, risk reduction, improved performance, new business model, etc.

1Mentor’s software platform provides two recommendation engines:

  • The first provides insights and recommendations to career services departments and faculty, arming them with data on how to equip students for current and future labour market needs. We give key decision-makers in higher education clear insights, direction, and actionable plans to make their students more employable.
  • The second provides personalized guidelines for individual students, allowing them to understand their skill set and the required skills in their field of interest. This allows students to understand what is needed in the labour market and pushes them to take responsibility for their professional development.
 What is 1Mentor's biggest achievement/success story to date?

We have pilots with four of the top universities in North America:

  • University of Waterloo, a strategic partner that is a world leader in Co-op Education;
  • Purdue University, a top engineering school and public university in the US;
  • University of Alberta, one of the oldest co-op programs in Canada; and
  • Arizona State University, the largest university and ranked #1 most innovative university in the U.S.
What does the future hold for 1Mentor?

1Mentor is in the process of implementing several pilot projects at renowned higher-education institutions while continuing to develop our technology in preparation for campus-wide rollouts across North America. The first stage of this rollout will happen with our Admin Platform, designed to help faculty and career services departments understand how their students are performing against the labour market requirements. Additionally, we plan to deploy our Student platform and launch our first pilot in Latin America by the end of 2022.

What is 1Mentor's connection to the University of Waterloo?

From its inception, 1Mentor Inc. has been heavily influenced by the entrepreneurial culture and Co-operative Education leadership at the University of Waterloo. Esteban Veintimilla, our CEO and co-founder, is a Mathematics Alumnus and is in the last year of his Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) degree at the University of Waterloo. These experiences have inspired how 1Mentor operates today. In addition, 1Mentor received its first investment from the Velocity Incubator in mid-2021.

Why did you decide to join the GEDI Exchange? What are you looking for? What do you want get out of it?

We greatly value the impact that the ecosystem in Waterloo has had in 1Mentor. As we scale, we believe it is important to form partnerships with leading organizations in the ecosystem and have a vision aligned with ours. Therefore, we believe GEDI Exchange can add a lot of value to our journey. We are looking forward to collaborating with members of the GEDI Exchange network and adding value to the work that GEDI is already doing.

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