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Agilicus is a company focused on providing a Zero Trust Network Access that is both secure and cost-efficient. Agilicus focuses on the principle of strong user identification to allow access control on a per-user basis. Agilicus discusses their networking application, along with their connection to the University of Waterloo.

In a short pitch, how would you describe Agilicus' offerings? What makes it innovative? What industry sectors and/or customers are you focused on?

Agilicus allows secure access for any user or device to any application from any location. Agilicus SaaS solution enables organizations to provide low-cost and more secure access to their applications, files or desktops for any employee, partner, contractor or third party from any device, anywhere without the need for a VPN or client software.

Agilicus’ patent leverages the emerging Zero Trust standard for an Identity-Aware Web Application Firewall. This allows seamless, central management of users. Mid-market companies with legacy applications and loosely coupled workers will benefit from the Agilicus solution. Additionally, Agilicus benefits organizations such as government, utilities, education, and manufacturers, as well as 5G IoT environments.

Providing more detail, what is the value proposition of Agilicus' offerings? Examples could include the underlying technology, new capabilities, cost reduction, risk reduction, improved performance, new business model, etc.

Traditionally, remote access solutions employ a secure perimeter. That is, anyone outside the network perimeter is untrusted. This model is still widely used today, with VPNs being the most popular. However, a VPN is vulnerable to security breaches and ransomware attacks. Once attackers penetrate the perimeter, they can move from application to application, accessing data and services.

Agilicus has developed a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security solution. It is a secure access solution for organizations that have a loosely coupled workforce and multiple legacy applications. Customers do not require significant IT resources or support to deploy Agilicus.

As a result, any user, any time, from any device anywhere, can securely access only the applications, drives or desktops to which access has been granted.  Agilicus provides a high degree of control on the level of access to the applications. No VPN or client is required, making it easier for operators to manage, enforce and audit users.

What is Agilicus’ biggest achievement/success story to date?

Agilicus has assembled a world-class team of network and cybersecurity experts who have built the next-generation secure access platform. Thousands of trial users have now converted to paying customers.

What does the future hold for Agilicus?

Our mission is to make complex security solutions economical and accessible to organizations of all sizes. We are building a meaningful Canadian company serving global customers while contributing to the cybersecurity ecosystem.

What is Agilicus’ connection to the University of Waterloo?

Agilicus is a Waterloo-based company and our founders are University of Waterloo alumni. Agilicus is a member of UWaterloo’s Velocity incubator. We hire amazing talent from UWaterloo.

Why did you decide to join the GEDI Exchange? What are you looking for? What do you want get out of it?

Agilicus joined the GEDI Exchange to support the Waterloo ecosystem as well as to expose Agilicus to potential partnerships, relationships, and customers.

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