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Member profile: HUEX Labs

Huex's illustration showing speech recognition.

HUEX Labs' (HUEX) focus is commercial grade conversational AI, building voice-enabled conversational AI to enable brands to better serve their customers in live business environments. Also highlighted is their connection to the University of Waterloo and what they hope to get out of the GEDI Exchange. 

In a short pitch, how would you describe HUEX's offerings (products and services)? What makes it innovative? What industry sectors and/or customers are you focused on?

HUEX has created AIDA, the Automated Intelligent Digital Assistant, which uses a combination of commercial-grade speech recognition technologies along with natural-language processing (NLP) for a conversational AI solution that can be deployed in live business environments. The goal is to help “bricks & mortar” businesses augment existing teams with our “digital employee” to handle customer service-related tasks and improve customer service.

What makes our solution innovative is the capability our models have to work in noisy, busy, and ambient environments plus the capability to handle multiple intents vs. typical branch-and-chain phone systems (e.g., what one frequently encounters when calling a business on the phone). The “secret sauce” lies in our NLP/NLU (natural-language understanding) system that is capable of learning, with only one-tenth the data versus competitors, but with similar accuracy and efficacy while handling a wide range of conversation topics for the specific domain. This allows for faster training and even faster deployment.

Currently, our team is hyper-focused in the Retail and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) space and is currently being tested in fast-food drive-throughs to assist in order taking functions for respective brands.

Providing more detail, what is the value proposition of HUEX's offerings? Examples could include the underlying technology, new capabilities, cost reduction, risk reduction, improved performance, new business model, etc.

The value proposition HUEX drives with AIDA in the context of the QSR industry is:

- Improved productivity resulting in lower labour costs

- Stable labour in the form of a “digital employee” to address the existential labour crisis operators are facing these days

- Improved upselling opportunities on an average of roughly 30%

- Reducing attrition rates by roughly 25%

 What is HUEX’s biggest achievement/success story to date?

We’ve had a number of success stories, but we are not yet in a position to share those publicly.

What does the future hold for HUEX?

The future for HUEX is exciting with broader applications being explored for fintech, automotive, and e-commerce.

What is HUEX’s connection to the University of Waterloo?

HUEX (a portmanteau of “Human Experience”) was born in Waterloo, with many connections to the University of Waterloo. Although operations are based out of Toronto, the co-founder, Anik Seth, is an alumnus of UWaterloo, graduating from the Accounting and Financial Management program.

Why did you decide to join the GEDI Exchange? What are you looking for? What do you want get out of it?

HUEX Labs joined the GEDI Exchange to be connected to the other great technology partners and minds affiliated with UWaterloo to assist in bridging enterprise with innovation. Our goal is to make HUEX an exciting place to attract future UWaterloo grads to join our growing team, and to also contribute to the fabulous work the GEDI Exchange is doing!

HUEX Labs was featured in the GEDIx: A 30-minute Exchange webinar with Tim Hortons on September 21, 2021. A replay of the webinar is linked here. 

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