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KA Imaging

KA Imaging is a company that specializes in developing innovative X-ray imaging technologies and systems, providing solutions to the medical, veterinary, and non-destructive test industrial markets.

In a short pitch, how would you describe KA Imaging's offerings? What makes it innovative? What industry sectors and/or customers are you focused on?

KA Imaging makes X-ray imaging detectors and systems for medical, veterinary, industrial and scientific imaging markets.  KA Imaging detectors leverage deep technology from the University of Waterloo to improve visualization, identify materials, reduce radiation dose, and reduce time required for decision making.

Providing more detail, what is the value proposition of KA Imaging's offerings? Examples could include the underlying technology, new capabilities, cost reduction, risk reduction, improved performance, new business model, etc.

KA Imaging leverages dual energy and phase contrast X-ray to improve image visualization, identify materials in the X-ray image, reduce radiation dose and reduce the time required better decision making.

What is KA Imaging's biggest achievement/success story to date?

The Reveal 35C is the world’s first portable dual energy X-ray detector that enables better identification of pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, heart disease and other ailments compared to a regular digital portable X-ray.

What does the future hold for KA Imaging?

KA Imaging is extending the Reveal 35C detector to a dynamic version that will enable chest tomography and dynamic digital imaging, imaging methods that can provide a CAT scan of a patient while the patient is standing. KA Imaging is also looking to bring out unique systems that leverage its unique X-ray detector technology.

What is KA Imaging's connection to the University of Waterloo?

The original IP for KA Imaging technology was developed at the University of Waterloo and Karim S Karim, a KA Imaging founder and Chief Technology Officer is a professor at Waterloo. KA Imaging has supported research across the University in multiple departments and faculties and hires many co-op students annually.

Why did you decide to join the GEDI Exchange? What are you looking for? What do you want to get out of it?

Networking, leads and exposure to the University of Waterloo ecosystem so that we can continue to hire Waterloo grads as we expand.

KA Imaging was featured in the GEDIx: A 30-minute Exchange webinar on January 19, 2021. A replay of the webinar is linked here. 

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