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Welcome GEDI Exchange member: GeoMate

Accessible mapping, Nastaran Saberi and Amin Gharebagh

Bringing the mapping of safe and accessible navigation to the Exchange

Award winning startup GeoMate is one of the newest GEDI Exchange members. A digital mapping service set on increasing accessibility to foster safer cities, GeoMate won the 2020 TECTERRA Startup of the Year.

Nastaran Saberi and co-founder Amin Gharebaghi began collaborating during their undergraduate studies and jointly developed multiple enterprises over the past 15 years. As prior members of Velocity, their latest venture is co-founding GeoMate, and being part of the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement and NEXT AI.

“As a kid, I loved to create and build. I loved geography and physics,” said Saberi. “I loved creating things, building things, and inventing things, and solving real world problems. That is why I pursued engineering. To create solutions for around the world.”

GeoMate is making mapping and navigating around communities easier and safer, specializing in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for accessibility. Plotting and suggesting routes that help people navigate successfully can improve quality of life, not only for those with mobility issues, but also improves safety for everyone.

Gharebaghi, who focused on studying accessibility and safety across urban areas, sparked the idea. Saberi focused on the technical side, with her background in remote sensing, image recognition, artificial intelligence back-end development. Saberi grew up surrounded by the influence of using engineering for the greater good, being inspired by her father’s work in modifying vehicles to make them more safe and accessible.

Coming to the University of Waterloo in 2013 to start her PhD, Saberi finds the “environment and ecosystem that has been built is very collaborative and nourishing,” she said. “It is competitive, but in a good way. It encourages you to do what you want, providing a lot of resources and helping you to learn what it is to be an entrepreneur.”

GeoMate became a GEDI Exchange member to grow those collaboration opportunities, to maintain ties with the University, to and connect with (and learn from) like-minded enterprises. Growing a business is a challenging journey that can be made easier by learning, engaging, and collaborating.

The GEDI Exchange “is an ecosystem within an ecosystem,” said Saberi. “We are fortunate to be close and connect to build more synergy.”

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GeoMate was featured on a GEDI Exchange: A 30-minute Exchange webinar with Lim Geomatics on Tuesday January 25, 2022. Watch the replay on YouTube here.