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Welcome GEDI Exchange member: Metagenom Bio Life Science, Inc.

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Introducing microbiome analysis capabilities to the GEDI Exchange

The GEDI Exchange is excited to welcome our newest member, Metagenom Bio Life Science, a Waterloo-based company founded on the idea that the potential of DNA sequence-based microbiome analysis could transform several industry sectors, including agriculture and food safety.

Metagenom focuses on providing analysis that effectively provides insight into health, productivity, and functional profile of client samples. Specializing in the data-driven analysis of the microbiome through species surveys, metagenomics, and genomics, they simplify the understanding of complex microbiome data and focus on providing actionable results for client research and projects.

“In addition to providing microbiome analysis services for various research projects, we have a focus on the microbiome of hydroponic systems,” said Trevor Charles, chief science officer.

Originally entering his undergrad at the University of British Columbia with the intended purpose of going to medical school, those plans changed “after my first microbiology class and labs in 2nd year, I was hooked. But the origins were probably an enrichment science summer program in grade 2 when one of the activities was growing mould on bread,” said Charles. Now he is a bacterial geneticist focusing on applications of microbiology within a Circular Bioeconomy framework to address major challenges.

In 1998, Charles became a professor at the University of Waterloo and values the collaborative environment within the Department of Biology and the Waterloo Centre for Microbial Research where he said, “we have great colleagues, doing exceptional science.” He is looking forward to the opportunity to link with other companies within the GEDI Exchange ecosystem to foster more connections within the University of Waterloo.  

Metagenom Bio Life Science was featured in the GEDIx: A 30-minute Exchange webinar with Ceragen on October 19, 2021. A replay of the webinar is linked here. 

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