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Affiliated researchers

The Generationed City team is connecting and collaborating with several researchers conducting work on issues related to generational change, aging, youth and young adults.

Pierre Filion

Pierre FilionPierre is a professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo. His research projects have dealt with the relationship between transportation and land use, and with the impact of societal change on cities with a particular focus on values, the economy and institutions. More specific areas of research include downtowns, the changing structure of metropolitan regions and suburban centres.

Tara Vinodrai

Tara VinodraiTara is an associate professor in Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo. At the core of her research program is a concern with understanding and theorizing the dynamics of contemporary economic change and the emerging and evolving geographies of the knowledge-based economy. Her research is highly interdisciplinary in scope drawing on the social sciences, and innovation, organizational and management studies.

Ren Thomas

Ren ThomasRen is a research consultant who has conducted studies on transit-oriented development in Amsterdam, the housing and transportation choices of immigrants in Toronto, and youth/young adults’ transportation patterns in Vancouver. She has a master's and PhD from the School of Community and Regional Planning at University of British Columbia. Ren has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and for Spacing, and blogs on Her edited volume of case studies in planning in Canada will be published by Oxford University Press in 2015.

Suzanne Cook

Suzanne CookSuzanne L. Cook is a gerontologist and an adult educator. In her research, she examines aging and work from a life course perspective. She coined the term “redirection” to refer to a new stage career development during later life. She also investigates intergenerational education and intergenerational relationships. She is a member of the York University Centre for Aging Research and Education in Toronto.