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Master's in Tourism

Note: The department is not accepting applications to the Tourism program at this time. You can conduct Tourism related research in the MA and MES programs within Geography.

Program Features

The Master of Environmental Studies (MES) Geography - Tourism Program at the University of Waterloo provides a unique education focused on integrated perspectives to tourism issues. The goal of the program is to prepare graduate students who understand the complex challenges associated with tourism and its relationship with the environment, economy, society and politics, and are able to put concepts into practice.

Students will gain critical insights to contemporary theories and practices in tourism studies and sustainability, environmental and social impact assessments, emergent tourism trends, and green practices.

Career Opportunities

Given the varied nature of the tourism industry, career opportunities are wide ranging, from working as a tourism specialist in international non-governmental organizations, to government and private sectors, both here in Canada and abroad. More specifically, the following careers may be pursued:

  • Researcher in various national and international organizations associated with tourism
  • Tourism specialist in provincial and federal parks
  • Community development advisor
  • Sustainable Tourism Advisor
  • Tourism consultant
  • Tourism policy and program advisor