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Jean Andrey

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Environment

Jean’s research is concerned with the implications of climate change for transportation infrastructure and operations, and is highly regarded as a teacher and mentor to undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Room EV1-349 | Ext. 32884 | email
F2015 Office hours: N/A

Key Areas of Graduate Supervision
weather and society, hazards, climate change impacts and adaptation, transportation planning, road safety

Recent Courses Taught
GEOG 100: On Becoming a Geographer
GEOG 222: Geographical Study of Canada
GEOG 351: Geography of Transportation
ENVS 178: Introduction to Environmental Research Methods

Research Interests
My research program focuses on weather and society, especially on weather hazards, climate change impacts and adaptations, and weather-transport interactions.  Some of the questions that I address include:  How does weather, in combination with other variables, affect road safety in Canada?  Are societal responses to weather hazards appropriate? What are the implications of climate variability and change for transportation planning and safety?  What types of winter weather indices are relevant to decision making?  The core of my research focuses on risk estimation and vulnerability assessment.  Over time, I have begun to focus more on sustainability issues and on the challenge of creating transportation systems, and indeed cities, that are both safe and environmentally sustainable.

Recent Publications

  • Hambly, D., Andrey, J., Mills, B., Fletcher, C. (2012) Projected implications of climate change for road safety in Greater Vancouver, Canada. Climatic Change DOI: 10.1007/s10584-012-0499-0
  • Devkota, B., Dudycha, D. and Andrey, J. (2012) Planning for non-motorized travel in rural Nepal: a role for geographic information systems. Journal of Transport Geography 24, 282-291
  • Mills, B., Andrey, J. and Hambly, D. (2011) Analysis of precipitation-related motor vehicle collision and injury risk using insurance and police record information for Winnipeg, Canada.  Journal of Safety Research 42, 383-390
  • Brenning, A., Andrey, J. and Mills, B. (2011) Indirect modeling of hourly meteorological time series for winter road maintenance.  Envirometrics 22, 398-408
  • Andrey, J. (2010) Long-term trends in weather-related crash risks. Journal of Transport Geography 18:247-258.
University of Waterloo