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Paul’s research focuses on building sustainable communities by creating win-win opportunities for the environment and economy. He is particularly concerned with how local economic development strategies can achieve a sustainable future. Sustainable energy systems are an essential starting point, so he looks first at conservation and improving energy efficiency, then at renewable energy sources and smart grid networks as integral parts of community energy plans.

Paul combines his strong research background with direct experience engaging local representatives from communities across Canada and overseas to envision and build local capacity, vitality and sustainability. Recently he has lead economic development seminars in Edmonton, Iqaluit, Inuvik, Fort McMurray, Halifax, Saskatoon, Stratford, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Quebec City and Whitehorse.

Prof. Parker holds a joint appointment in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (profile).

Key Areas of Graduate Supervision
Renewable energy policy, sustainability. Residential retrofits and carbon migration. Green economy and local economic development.

Recent Courses Taught
GEOG/LED 685: Theory of Local Economic Development
GEOG/LED 686: Practice of Local Economic Development
GEOG 669: Energy and Sustainability
GEOG 459: Energy and Sustainability

Research Interests
Sustainable energy policy, Sustainable community development and the green economy, Regional initiatives, Residential retrofits and Low-carbon futures.

Recent Publications

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