Our research is directed by community consultation and patient engagement, truly grounding our work in the community. We are committed to working alongside those who are affected by our research, and are privileged to have many seniors engaged with our research.

The Seniors Helping As Research Partners (SHARP) network

To facilitate collaboration between researchers in our group and older adults, the SHARP network was formed. The group meets to offer their input along the entire research process, from assisting with the research design to making recommendations for knowledge translation materials developed from our research.

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The Choosing Healthcare Options by Involving Canada’s Elderly (CHOICE) Knowledge Synthesis Project

This knowledge synthesis project considered the evidence for how older adults should be engaged in healthcare decision-making. Through this project, we examined how to engage older adults in healthcare research and planning, as well as in healthcare decision-making. This led to the creation of the CHOICE framework, which can be used to guide older adults engagement in healthcare.

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