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Christine CeciDr. Christine Ceci is interested in the organization of health work and the effects of this for those who work in the system and for those who require care. The current site of this research is home care, particularly practices related to providing supportive care for people who are older and frail, and in this context, she is interested in asking questions about social, political and cultural interests that organize this site and the ways these work to establish what comes to be seen as the appropriate, acceptable parameters of home care. That is, she is interested in understanding the conditions of possibility that structure home care practices for people who are older and frail, and our understanding and acceptance of these practices.

This is in some ways an interest in policy studies in the sense that she is interested in understanding how particular arrangements of home care are working for people as well as the conditions and policy contexts that are linked to these arrangements. The intent is to develop more specific understandings of the conditions of possibility for providing good care and in this work she is informed by a variety of thinkers such as Michael Focault, Chantal Mouffe, Annemarie Mol and Zygmunt Bauman whose work offers resources for thinking through how things are working, or not, in present circumstances.

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