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John HirdesDr. John Hirdes is a Professor of Health Studies and Gerontology at the University of Waterloo; is cross-appointed to the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto; and to Gerontological Studies at McMaster University; and is Scientific Director of the Homewood Research Institute in Guelph.

As a fellow and board member of interRAI, an international consortium of researchers from over 22 countries, Dr. Hirdes (along with Dr. Katherine Berg of the University of Toronto) represents interRAI in Canada. Dr. Hirdes led interRAI efforts to create the Mental Health and Community Mental Health assessment systems, the System for Classification of In-Patient Psychiatry, and Home Care Quality Indicators (as co-PI), and is a member of the interRAI committee that produced the 2005 suite of instruments.

His primary areas of interest are geriatric assessment, mental health, health care and service delivery, health information management, social determinants of health, and quantitative methods.

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