MSc Student

Jordi McLeodJordi was successful in the highly competitive application process for medical school and started her medical studies at the University of Ottawa in September 2010. She is committed to pursuing a career focused on care of the elderly - an area badly in need of increased number of medical specialists. She brings previous research experience in geriatrics, specifically regarding elder abuse and neglect.

As a member of the InfoRehab team, Jordi utilized a mixed methods approach to examine the transition between rehabilitation and home among a group of hip fracture patients. Her thesis was supervised by Dr. Paul Stolee, engaging in a challenging and important area of health services research: assessing care transitions for older patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Jordi was the recipient of the Alumni Gold Medal for the year's top graduates at the master's degree level for "outstanding academic performance in a master's program". Jordi has received her Bachelor of Science with a specialization in psychology from the University of Ottawa. 

University of Waterloo