PhD Student

Josh ArmstrongJosh is currently working on a two-year, Alzheimer Society Research Program Postdoctoral Fellowship Award to investigate "Clinico-mathematical Approach to the Fog of Geriatrics: Application of Novel Mathematical Methods to Better Understand Health and Disease in Aging Populations". This postdoctoral research will be performed under the supervision of Dr. Arnold Mitnitski and Dr. Kenneth Rockwood at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia).

Joshua Armstrong completed (February, 2013) his PhD in Aging, Health & Well-being in the School of Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo.  Prior to Waterloo, Josh received a MSc in Experimental Psychology and a HBSc in Psychology (minor in biology) at Lakehead University in his home town of Thunder Bay.  His doctoral research, supervised by Dr. Paul Stolee, examined rehabilitation therapy services for older adults in the Ontario Home Care System using data mining and statistical approaches in a large provincial interRAI database.  His research interests include Alzheimer’s disease, frailty, quantitative methods (data mining, machine learning, mathematical modeling), epidemiology, longevity, decision support systems, health data communication, and persuasive technology for healthy aging.

University of Waterloo