Co-op Student

Kassandra Lemmon

Kassandra Lemmon is a fourth year Honours Health Studies student minoring in Gerontology. As of January, she is spending her final 8 month co-op term as a Research Assistant with GHS. Kassandra is very excited to join the team as she has always strived to contribute to the field of geriatrics with hopes to improve the lives of older adults. It was during her first co-op term when she worked as an Aid at Stedman Community Hospice that her appreciation for end-of-life care began. Kassandra was inspired by the dedication of the staff and touched by the positivity patients and their families had during such a difficult time. During other co-op terms she has also worked as an Analyst for WoodGreen Community Services, and an EHR Support Staff at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Looking forward, Kassandra hopes to be accepted into the Masters of Public Health program at the University of Waterloo and then continue contributing to the field of geriatrics.

In her spare time, Kassandra enjoys practicing yoga and cooking!

University of Waterloo