MSc Student

Kathleen PauloffKathleen is currently working towards completing a master’s of science degree in Public Health and Health Systems at the University of Waterloo, under the supervision of Professor Paul Stolee. So far, she has already completed two undergraduate degrees; one in Psychology at the University of Waterloo, and another in Social Work at Renison University College. Her main areas of interest are health and social policy, seniors’ issues, and end of life care management. Through her studies, Kathleen aims to develop her expertise in patient-centred care practices, and patient engagement strategies for older adults with chronic and/or terminal illness.

Over the past few years, Kathleen has gained a great deal of experience in primary and community mental health care, which has facilitated her understand health system dynamics, methods in policy analysis, and standard practices in social service delivery. Her professional and academic experiences inspired her to study at the graduate level, where she is able to use her knowledge and skills to contribute to the Canadian Frailty Network funded CHOICE (Choosing Healthcare Options by Involving Canada’s Elderly) project . The project will focus on meaningful patient engagement strategies in primary care settings.

Kathleen values creativity, innovation, and collaborative discovery; and in her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, jogging, writing poetry and petting cats.

University of Waterloo