Seniors Helping As Research Partners (SHARP)

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Network goals

Our goal is to learn from patients and their families, and advance the development of research priorities and collaborations, ultimately improving the health care system for older adults

We will work with seniors to:

  • Develop the network, and understand what they would like the network to look like
  • Develop meaningful partnerships with researchers, policy makers, health care providers and other key stakeholders
  • Participate in various health-related research projects
  • Take part in regular discussions with the SHARP research team and other stakeholders through online and community events
  • Access information, news, and research surrounding patient engagement, health care research and planning, and health system transformation through our website and social media

In the following video we collaborated with SHARP members to find out why they choose to volunteer with SHARP.

The second video interviews older adults with young onset dementia to see how recreational programs that connect them with other older adults and the broader community benefit them.

Moving forward

To date we have over 60 members and have started conducting focus groups with these individuals.

We are discussing with ‘experts’ in the area of patient and citizen engagement, and strive to create a more standard definition for ‘patient and citizen engagement’. 

Locally we are continuing recruitment for SHARP (including diverse populations), discussing findings with regional and provincial policy makers, and use findings from the network to advance research priorities.


If you are interested in more information or volunteering with the SHARP network, please complete the Contact Us form or contact Sheila Bodemer directly through email or at 519-888-4567 ext. 33160

Please note at this time, we are not accepting student volunteers for the SHARP group.

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