About Germanic & Slavic Studies

poster of wir sind ein volkThe Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies offers degrees in German and Russian (BA, MA, PhD) and courses in Croatian and Dutch. We are also offering a minor concentration in Cultural Identities together with the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies. Home of one of Canada's largest and most diverse German programs, the department plays a leading role in the dissemination of German and Slavic culture in Canada. Our faculty members have expertise in second language instruction, applied linguistics, and literary, film, and cultural studies.  

We are committed to providing high-quality, student-centred interdisciplinary programs that foster personal and professional development by combining humanistic values and traditional learning with practical applications. 

Specifically, the department:

  • offers a variety of degree-granting programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels that respond to the interests and needs of students and society;
  • takes pride in personalized and supportive instruction at all levels;
  • equips students with competence in the target languages of our disciplines;
  • expands this linguistic competence with instruction in literature, film, and other aspects of the target cultures;
  • encourages student participation in international exchange and study abroad programs in Germany, and Croatia;
  • Provides opportunities for experiential learning at all levels
  • seeks to improve the transfer of applied knowledge and skills within our disciplines for the practical benefit of society;
  • advocates interdisciplinary study;
  • provides a number of undergraduate courses via online (distance education) format.