Application process

  • Applicants should be in third year or above and have a cumulative average of 60%. Please see eligibility* for more information, and to make sure you qualify. You are advised to read through the step-by-step explanation and speak to a global learning coordinator if you have any questions throughout the application process.
  • Please choose the semester(s) for your exchange and decide whether you would like to go to Bamberg or Mannheim. Please note that the Waterloo 4-month term structure does not match exactly to the term structure of many German universities. One solution students have found is to speak with their professors about making arrangements to write their final exams earlier than the regular scheduled exams. Please see the Undergraduate Officer if you have any problems with the semester layout and we will try to see what solutions can be found.
  • Submit your online application through Waterloo Passport by the respective deadline. The application must be complete, including all approval signatures. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • A representative from the Study Abroad team in Waterloo International will contact you to confirm your exchange placement and provide additional application instructions for the host university abroad.

  • The Study Abroad Coordinator will inform you of the official admission result from the host university.

  • Please note that the Waterloo in Germany exchange is no longer compatible with the OBW Program if you choose to go to Mannheim. However, you still can apply to both programs and, if your applications are both successful, decide to do either one. Each program has strengths and advantages and both are good programs with the opportunity to go to Mannheim. For more information, please speak to the Undergraduate Officer.

  • For more information please feel free to contact us.

*site under construction; contact us for questions