General information

  • A castle in Germany.The Waterloo in Germany Program offers you the opportunity to gain considerable fluency in German, a language rich in texture and expressive of an old and complex culture. German is one of the pre-eminent languages of business and commerce, as well as science, music and the arts.
  • Students may enroll in a wide variety of courses. Some courses are offered through the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Students' Office), and focus on language and culture, however other regular university courses are offered as well. These include subjects as diverse as German literature & linguistics, Slavic studies, other European languages, and the social sciences.
  • The University of Mannheim is especially known for its faculties of management and business. Participants can take full advantage of course offerings in those faculties as well. Some courses are taught in English.
  • The Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg is especially well known for its excellence in the arts and humanities. Courses are offered in both German and English.
  • Disclaimer: While some university application forms are available online, applications will not be considered by the host university until applicants have been accepted by the Waterloo in Germany Program.
  • Other Work and Study Abroad Opportunities