Green scenery in GermanyBelow are just a few reasons why students choose to go on the Waterloo in Germany Exchange Program!

Participation in the program gives you the opportunity to...

  • Develop German language fluency.
  • Experience a year (or a semester) abroad with many German and international classmates.
  • Take courses on a wide range of subjects.
  • Receive University of Waterloo credit for up to 10 semester courses (transferable to other Canadian universities).
  • Continue receiving financial aid while in Mannheim or Bamberg, and receive a monthly stipend towards the cost of living.
  • Develop an understanding of modern European culture.
  • Take part in the tandem program in Bamberg or the Verein internationaler Studentenpatenschaften der Universität Mannheim (VISUM) program in Mannheim to help you get settled in, and to make life-long friendships.